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Nostalgic nosh: fun times with my new toasted sandwich maker

You remember the toasted sandwich right? Of course you do. Didn’t every household have one in the 90s? That first delicious bite when the molten insides of the crispy creation are too hot to palate. When I was at school, every time we had a ‘charity effort’ or a ‘mini enterprise’ business exercise we’d bust … Continue reading

Festive post: fennel and onion stuffing

It’s been something of a slow burner, but I’m finally feeling festive – to the point where my mum had to hide the After Eights from me last night. If you’re not feeling the Christmas spirit just yet, I suggest watching this video (thanks to David Drummond for that one): And then making this lovely … Continue reading

Letter from Argentina: empanadas, asado and A LOT of wine

In November I was taken on a press trip by Wines of Argentina. Lucky, lucky me. Over the course of six days I would explore a country I’d been lusting over for years, meet some lovely fellow journalists and wine folk, and drink more Malbec than a City boy with a drink problem. The overriding … Continue reading

Photo blog: Grant Achatz, Alinea and Next, Chicago

In foodie circles, Grant Achatz – whose cutting edge, three-Michelin-starred restaurant Alinea has twice been named the best restaurant in America by Restaurant Magazine – needs no introduction. But outside of that, he’s still the best chef you’ve probably never heard of. While in Chicago, I was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours … Continue reading

My new favourite place: Ducksoup

Believe the buzz. Ducksoup – and I’m not talking about the 1933 Marx Brothers film – is the shizzle. Or at least, it was when I lunched there last week – packed tightly into my rickety wooden chair on the tiny, jewel box ground floor of Soho’s latest small plates restaurant. As I dashed inside, out of the freakish heat, … Continue reading

Photo blog: Sven Elverfeld at Aqua

Today I have an article published in the Independent about Sven Elverfeld, a three-Michelin starred chef in Germany whose inventive renderings of his national cuisine has put the unremarkable industrial town of Wolfsburg on the global food map. You can read the piece here, and below are some photos from my visit. Enjoy! This is … Continue reading

The Paul, Copenhagen – a last lunch

On returning to Copenhagen for a second time this year, the first thing we did was go and eat at British chef Paul Cunningham’s Michelin-starred restaurant The Paul, which is set inside the 1800s children’s amusement park Tivoli. Walking into The Paul is a bit like what I imagine it might be like walking into … Continue reading

Last week in food: steak frites, Angels and Gipsies, Wimbledon and Roganic

Last week was rather epic in eating out terms. It all kicked off on Wednesday with a meal at the City outpost of Le Relais de Venise with some friends I was recently in France with. We needed an excuse to consume lots of calories while drinking cold rosé and feeling vaguely like we were … Continue reading

Da Polpo

He’s only gone and done it again. Russell Norman, that is. The opening of Da Polpo, on Covent Garden’s Maiden Lane – a street largely occupied by uninspiring chain establishments, comes just a month or two since Spuntino made Soho’s porn district a place to eat and drink. Of all his openings, Norman admits that Da … Continue reading

Q&A with René Redzepi

As if you didn’t already know, René Redzepi’s Noma was voted number one at this year’s S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards. I was lucky enough to catch up with the triumphant Danish chef for Chef Magazine while he was over for the awards… What’s the past year been like for you, since topping the … Continue reading